I Remember Holidays

I Remember Holidays Front Cover


I am excited to publish this third book in the I Remember series of Interactive picture books for Alzheimer’s patients.

The following is the forward from the book. I include it because it offers a good rationale for the use of my three book to help form lasting relationships between caregivers and their family members with varying forms of dementia.

Like the first two books, I Remember Holidays is available at Amazon.com, Kobo, and the order desk at Barnes and Noble.

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Close your eyes. Recall the scent of pumpkin pie or turkey baking in the oven. Did you get a new dress or suit for Easter? Did you open gifts Christmas Eve, or Christmas day? What do you remember from holidays past?

Brenda Poulos has written a wonderful series of books called I Remember. The newest book in the collection, I Remember Holidays, gives friends and family members a tool to connect with their loved ones who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive disorders.

Sharing memories promotes a sense of value, importance, and belonging. The I Remember books provide an opportunity to take memories and turn them into conversations.

When we converse, we are actively engaging, we are doing something, we are present with others, we have purpose. Self-esteem and improved health are promoted.

I Remember Holidays provides an opportunity to reflect on past holidays, allowing each person to connect through shared feelings, emotions, and experiences.

~ Elizabeth Smith, MS-L, CTRS. Memory Care Director, Broadway Mesa Village, Mesa, Arizona