Simon Says



Now available on Amazon!!!!     My fifth book. I can hardly believe it.    Simon Says is my third Christian Fiction book. I also have published two non-fiction books for Alzheimer’s Patients. (See Pages for I Remember the Seasons and I Remember Bible Stories).

Back Cover Copy:

Abandoned by his father at birth.

Tormented by neighborhood bullies.

Misunderstood by classmates and teachers.

Then, at seventeen, things begin to change for Marcus.

A victim of years of rejection due to physical abnormalities and social awkwardness, he finds purpose as the result of an unlikely friendship and faith in God through the power of grace.

But when past disappointments resurface and create roadblocks to his new life, will Marcus find the strength to extend forgiveness to those who mistreat him?

Will he finally experience the love and acceptance that has eluded him for so long?