Tug of War



Ed Wilson grew up in a home ravaged by abuse. It was the only life he knew.

He vowed that his own boys would grow up to be tough. They’d learn how to defend themselves. How to strike fear in the hearts of others.

Just like his father had taught him.

Ed had answers for everything. Except the information he needed most.

What really happened on the day Sammy was killed?

Convinced Sammy’s twin, Simon, was responsible for the tragedy, Ed hardened his heart against his wife, Simon and–most of all–against God. He allowed anger and revenge to rule his life, prompting him to turn to the occult for the key to satisfy his quest.

Thrust into the midst of the battle for his own soul, Ed is faced with the decision to accept God’s unconditional love or continue on the dark path of destruction.

Who will win this tug of war?

The darkness or the Light?