Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare_ebook cover_2019-04-23


Truth or Dare is the second book in the Simon Says series for which two more books are planned. This book continues the story of Marcus, Simon and Sally.

Set four years after the original book, Simon Says, this new book centers on Simon’s struggles to accept Christ’s forgiveness. Instead, he believes he is not worthy of God’s love…

Here is the back cover copy:


Truth or Dare is a childhood game—or is it?

Simon Wilson is a bully. A Thief. An Accomplished liar.

But the biggest lie of all is not one he has told. It’s one he believes.

It’s the one that says he will never be good enough. He will never

measure up. Never be worthy.

He is at a crossroads.

Will Simon continue to be deceived by the lie?

Or will he choose to believe the Truth?


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**I am currently writing Tug of War, with a publishing goal of the spring of 2020.  You can look forward to reading about your favorite characters–and past ones that will resurface to play larger roles in this continuing story of faith and forgiveness.