Doing What I Love Best

“Write, write, write. It seems like that’s all you do, anymore. You should let yourself have a little fun, now and then!”  I’ve heard these words many times over the past few years. If you’re a committed writer, I’m sure you have, too.

Yes, it IS hard work—and yes, it CAN feel like solitary confinement, at times, but it really IS what I want to be doing. It IS fun!

I think of things I could be doing, instead of writing: cleaning house, exercising, paying bills, doing laundry, grocery shopping, pulling weeds… Okay, okay, so I have deliberately tried to create a pretty non-appealing list.

To be fair, I’ll list only things I enjoy. Here goes: reading, window shopping, people watching, decorating, singing (don’t worry, I won’t inflict my voice upon any of you), eating out, and writing. Oops, how did writing get on this list?

Well, I told you I like writing! Really, I do! It’s the act of digging deeper into myself, asking more and more of myself, learning more about myself while creating characters that are exciting, whimsical, hilarious, endearing, and even scary at times. It is the telling of their stories—their hopes, disappointments, dreams, accomplishments— that is so compelling.

As I ready myself for writing each day (cup of coffee, comfy slippers, overhead fan on “low”, snack waiting in the fridge) I hear the voices of my characters call to me. I see their faces and feel their impatience. They are anxious for their stories to be told.

So, I set aside my laundry until later, allow the weeds to grow just a little taller, put something on the counter to defrost for dinner, and hope there is time at the end of the day for a quick walk around the block. I warm my cup of coffee in the microwave and head for my office.

I click on the overhead fan, rest my fingers on the keyboard, and close my eyes. A few minutes later, I pause, satisfied that I’ve made the right choice for my day.

Then, I start in again, doing what I love best.


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