Do You Have What It Takes?

I am looking forward to watching the summer Olympics. Just days away, I am already planning my evenings to free up a few hours to view the games.

The dedication, the hours of practice, the self-denial of other pleasurable activities—these are just the beginning of what it takes to be an Olympian.

These young athletes didn’t just wake up one day with all the skills necessary to perform at these high levels.

They didn’t read a magazine article, get inspired, and experience instant success.

Their roads have a common thread of self-denial, determination, and hard work…really hard work…for hours, months, years…

Anyone who has achieved a high level of success at anything will tell you it isn’t an easy road.

It isn’t all glamorous.

It often isn’t even fun.

Sounds hard?

Ah, but you said you want to be a writer!

The same rules apply. In fact, we can think of successful writers in much the same way as we do Olympic athletes.

Do you have what it takes?



Perseverance.                             9001587131_7cd4b8ed82

A thirst for knowledge.

A willing, teachable spirit.

An unstoppable desire to achieve.

Because it will take all that from each of us and more…

Do you possess that innate quality that keeps you going in spite of reading a negative review, hearing a hurtful comment, receiving a rejection letter— and dust yourself off and get back in front of the computer and keep on creating?

As the Olympics unfold, the sports commentators will doubtless refer to the resilience of the human spirit.

No doubt history will be made by those who were told it couldn’t be done.

We will watch as races are won and records are broken.

The events may serve as the basis of a magazine article or the theme for a book.

Writers are sure to be inspired. Energized. Challenged.

Who knows?

You may find your gold medal in a future book deal, a letter to the Editor, or as a guest blogger.

Whatever it is

Whenever you experience it

Be assured

You have the makings of a Champion.


One thought on “Do You Have What It Takes?

  1. I just discovered your blog yesterday and read all your 2016 entries and I must say I’m impressed with your writing skills! And also doubly impressed that you’re a real live author and have published your first book. It appears you have evolved quite beautifully from your Jefferson roots. You are one talented Chick! 🙂 Ruben


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