An Encouraging Word

For those of you who are writing your very first book, it may seem like it is taking forever to get it ready for publication. However, remember that you are spending a lot of time learning all kinds of things this first go around—all of which you ‘ll be able to apply in the future without having to start over at square one with each new book.

My first book took me eighteen months to write.

My second took me a lot less than that.

With every book, the writing, editing, cover design, and so on is accomplished much quicker as you get more skilled at all that is involved.

When we first start to write there is much to learn. Writing “rules.” Editing. Setting up one or more websites, establishing checking accounts. Navigating the internet. Publishing. Conferences. Marketing.

The list is endless. 

But, take heart. 

Each time a book is published, there is a smaller percentage of time devoted to those things, leaving you more time for actual writing. And, that’s when things start to get exciting.

You will be able to find the answers to all of the questions you have. Use Google or a host of websites and/or blogs by authors, publishers, writing organizations, and so on.

Writing is a lot of work. No doubt about it.

When that first book comes out, I hope you will find that it has all been worth the effort.


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