Are Your Ideas Dormant?

Two file cabinets were overflowing.

Time to clean things out.

To ease the burden of a complete overhaul, I decided to tackle the one that I hardly ever open. The one filled with stories in various stages of completion.

Due to waning interest, lack of time, or distractions of some kind, folder after folder contains “starts” but, alas, no completions.

I pulled all the folders out, stacked them on the floor beside the shredder and glanced at the clock. 

Thirty minutes. I felt pretty smug.

Until I opened the top folder, began reading, and was pulled into the story.

It needed some work, but I could see the possibilities.

I tossed some of the other folders. Saved others from the shredder and returned them to the file drawer now with some wiggle room to spare.

Then, I opened the first of four accordion folders labeled “IDEAS.” I created a new folder on my computer, typed in a dozen categories, and began sifting through hundreds of thoughts that had been locked away for a decade or more.

By the time my stomach rumbled, I looked up to a beautiful sunset. I’d been at it for nine hours!

This story does have a moral—of sorts. Learn from the mistakes of others, mainly moi.  Go through your things, often. Reorganize and refresh. Start computer files which you can easily categorize and add to (or delete) as fresh ideas come.

You’ve got some good ideas there, lying dormant.

Take them out. Dust them off. Shred. Reorganize. 

Then do what I did.

Watch the sunset.


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