Make Your Writing Relatable

Will readers like your book?

What is the deciding factor?

I often ask avid readers to fill in the blank:   “I like books that are _________.”

Some common answers are:


Have lots of action.

Have zany characters.


Easy to read.

Are “clean.”

Are about animals and their masters.

It all boils down to this:  Readers like books that are relatable.

There has to be a connection between the character and story for the reader.

In-Laws and All: A Survival Guide may appeal to those adjusting to the initial years of marriage.

A few years ago, third and fourth Graders couldn’t wait to get their hands on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Fifty Shades of Grey readers might share with you what they were hoping for while they were in the check-out line at Barnes and Noble…

Those going through painful divorces may be compelled to read An American Marriage.

Christians snapped up copies of the Left Behind series a decade ago.

Would-be soccer stars may find Soccer Shootout inspiring.

When you use your style, your unique twist, your distinctive point-of-view to make your writing relatable for your readers, they will be able to say, “Yes. That’s the kind of book I like.”


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