Why I Write

Mine is the story of an insecure young girl with a deathly fear of public speaking. While confident in my position as the editor of my high school newspaper, I found that public speaking was quite another story. So, I learned to get my thoughts across by writing articles, poetry, and short stories.

In college, I took SPEECH 101. I spent the entire semester with a racing pulse, blotchy neck, dry mouth, and constant stomach aches. I had my first good sleep the night after I turned in my blue book (essay test booklet) and walked away from the Language and Literature building at  A.S.U. for the last time.

Forty-five years later, writing has proved to be my lifeline. It is my creative outlet and my vehicle for self-expression.

My fear of public speaking has changed over the years. I’m now comfortable in small groups of about a dozen or so people, but still avoid presentations to large audiences. Maybe I’ll join Toastmaster’s—someday…

Now that I’m retired from my teaching/counseling career, I have more time to write. My purpose is to point others to our Lord—to plant a seed, to tell the story of His great love and infinite mercy using imaginary characters. I find writing Contemporary Christian Fiction to be a lot of fun and a great release of stored-up energy!

So, why do I write? To communicate my ideas, to entertain, to fulfill His calling on my life.

I hope you’ll become a regular visitor to my site. I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and sharing what’s going on in my writing world! Be sure to visit http://www.spiritualsnippets.com which is my website filled with encouraging words and scripture!


6 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Having known you for all of my life, I continue to be amazed by your strength and love for the Lord. Thank you for instilling the love for God in my life and that of my children.
    Love to you,


  2. Brenda, it is Awesome what You are doing. Writing God’s word in Contemporary Christian Fiction Books. The Lord Jesus Bless and Help You keep writing.


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