Why I Write

Mine is the story of an insecure young girl with a deathly fear of public speaking. While confident in my position as the editor of my high school newspaper, I found that public speaking was quite another story. So, I learned to get my thoughts across by writing articles, poetry, and short stories.

In college, I took SPEECH 101. I spent the entire semester with a racing pulse, blotchy neck, dry mouth, and constant stomach aches. I had my first good sleep the night after I turned in my blue book (essay test booklet) and walked away from the Language and Literature building at  A.S.U. for the last time.

Forty-five years later, writing has proved to be my lifeline. It is my creative outlet and my vehicle for self-expression.

My fear of public speaking has changed over the years. I’m now comfortable in small groups of about a dozen or so people, but still avoid presentations to large audiences. Maybe I’ll join Toastmaster’s—someday…

Now that I’m retired from my teaching/counseling career, I have more time to write. My purpose is to point others to our Lord—to plant a seed, to tell the story of His great love and infinite mercy using imaginary characters. I find writing Contemporary Christian Fiction to be a lot of fun and a great release of stored-up energy!

So, why do I write? To communicate my ideas, to entertain, to fulfill His calling on my life.

I hope you’ll become a regular visitor to my site. I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and sharing what’s going on in my writing world! Be sure to visit http://www.spiritualsnippets.com which is my website filled with encouraging words and scripture!