The Message in the Dream

Few people dream their dreams to the “end.”



Most of us awake some time before the conclusion. It could be in the middle or near the end, but seldom do dreamers feel that they have experienced 100% of the dream. This is a relief for those having nightmares, although for some it may be frustrating.

A few people say they are able to go back to sleep and “pick up where they left off.” (This sounds wonderful if the dream was an especially good one…) Still others report they cannot remember their dreams.

For years, I had a recurring dream (fairly common, I am told) about a young boy. It was a very short dream, really.  In the light of a full moon, he would close the door of a dilapidated cabin, and start down the dark path toward the river.  I could see his breath in the cold air and the frightened expression on his face. He shivered, wearing only a thin T-shirt and no shoes.

I sensed he was running away. I didn’t know his name or the circumstances causing him to flee, but I was drawn to him—my heart broke for him. I was more than curious—obsessed to a point—to find out how this dream intersected with my own life. It was as if there was an important message in the dream that I was supposed to pass on to others.

Growing up, I loved to read and write, so it was only natural that I would someday attempt to use my writing skills to unfold the meaning of this dream. When I retired from my years of teaching and counseling, I sat down at the computer and closed my eyes. I let the familiar dream play out in my mind’s eye and then just started typing…and typing…and typing…

Two years later, after much editing, rewriting and input from my critique group and Beta readers, Runaways, The Long Journey Home was published. The story of unconditional love and forgiveness—that message that I just knew I had to share with others—is front and central.

I no longer dream about Jake and his circumstances.  The dream has run its course and the message has been shared. I pray that it is a blessing to those meant to hear it.


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