Dive Write In


No doubt, you are aware of how the writer’s mind works: it can be thinking about something and then, zing, it’s off in another direction, contemplating a different idea which is only remotely related to the subject at hand…

So, here I was watching the Olympics last week, intent on the elements of synchronized diving. Two divers walked onto the platform, and then, in a flash, my mind went to “Writer’s Platform.”

Yes, there is always a thread there to connect one thought with the other, but still…off I was thinking about writing—yet, again.

Knowing that the writer’s platform is one of my weakest areas, I decided to find out more.

With two novels under my belt, I was worried that it might be too late to declare my platform to the world.

Following an afternoon of “research” I was relieved to know that I hadn’t missed the boat, entirely.

It turns out that the consensus of opinion is that a platform is something that is built over time.

That’s right. You—and I—can start building our platform right now without a detailed plan.

Another bit of good news: If you are a fiction writer, you DO NOT need a platform to get published. Your publisher or agent will make a decision first based on the quality of your work and its marketability.

Your platform will grow out of your body of work.

Now, it’s hard, if not impossible, to build a platform for work that does not yet exist. So, if you are new to the writing profession, take a deep breath. There’s still time to build that ever-so-necessary platform.

On the other hand, we cannot delay. To be successful, we must create an online identity.

We need to build our readership. And, that takes time.

But, remember, our brand is US…not our latest book.

Our efforts must go into building a connection between ourselves and our readers.

So, just what is a platform and how do we connect with our readers? Well, it’s a big subject and I am learning right along with you, so we’ll pick this up, again, next week. By then, I will have more tidbits to share.

Until then, be thinking about what makes YOU and YOUR Message unique.

Platform building is an organic process and will vary from author to author, but there will be a framework from which we can work–and  that will be the topic for my next post.



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