“What? Are You Crazy?”

You spend months or years in learning the craft of writing.

You spend another 1-3 years actually getting words down on paper.

You type that last period               mockup2

on that last page.

Then, you run into a brick wall: publishing/marketing.

And find yourself overwhelmed.

So, do what I always do when life seems to be getting the best of me.

Break it all down into little pieces.

Little fragments that seem like I might be able to accomplish.

And, I avoid those that are too perplexing, too difficult—seemingly insurmountable.

What I am going to say next may seem surprising…actually I know if will because even as I type these words, I’m envisioning your reaction.

I followed a bit of advice I picked up somewhere (I honestly don’t remember where) that said the best way to promote your work is not social media or big ad campaigns.


Now, I know you are thinking just what I thought when I heard it for the first time:

“That doesn’t sound easy. I thought I could sit back and take a rest once my book was completed! And, now you’re telling me to lock myself away and start writing yet ANOTHER ONE??? Are you crazy?”

Yes and No.

Yes, write another one.

No, I don’t think I’m crazy.

Because I put it to the test and here is what I am finding:

The Choice has been out a couple of weeks, now, and since its arrival, Runaways’ sales have picked up, again.

No kidding.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not earthshaking.


So much so that—yes, I’ve already started writing book #3.

I’m on a roll. A slow roll, perhaps, but still it’s a roll.

Like a snowball rolling down a hill, I am picking up new readership and sales.

Mostly it’s what’s happening on the inside of me that’s amazing, however.

The “I think I can do it” is turning into “I am doing it!”


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