The Value of Persistence




I recently read that Jerry Jenkin’s LEFT BEHIND was his 125th book. I can’t imagine writing that many books in the first place, but beyond that, it is astounding to me that he was able to keep at it until he hit

the big time,

pay dirt,

his big break.


Then, I ask myself if I have what it takes to keep going in the face of



sheer exhaustion.

Have you wondered the same thing?

Or, do you just get up every day and say good morning to God and your computer (in that order) and then fill your day with what you long to do more than anything else?

If so, you may be doing what I do. Taking it day by day. Moving ahead step by step until one day you realize that you’ve actually written a book!!!

Because you are



and totally devoted.

Because you can’t imagine

not writing,

not creating,

not doing anything else with your life.



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