Whatever It Takes


I’ve heard that artists, in general, are a quirky bunch. They need certain things in their environment in order to get their creative juices flowing.

Writers might demand that the room needs to be at a specific temperature.

Actors may require that friends or family must be in the audience for them to perform well.

Singers often ask for specific things to drink or that the air be purified in their dressing rooms.

I know I find it difficult to write unless my desk is organized.

Whoever you are, we all perform optimally when certain conditions are met.

For most everyone, being well-rested, fed, and hydrated may apply.

So, let’s say you’re a writer. You’ve met your requirement of having a quiet place to write. You close the door and sit down at the computer.

But suddenly you’re distracted by a bird outside the window or a telephone ringing somewhere down the hall. Isn’t anyone going to get that?

Now, you’re off track.

Unable to focus.

You want to push your chair back and forget writing for today, but instead just rewind.

Maybe you need a walk around the block. Perhaps simply refreshening your water glass with a slice of lemon will do it. Maybe say a silent prayer.

Then, get back to the computer and try again.

Whatever it takes. For as long as it takes. As many times as it takes.

I’ve found that one page leads to another…and that page leads to the next…and before you know it, it’s

a book!


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