Just Say “No.”

4959365203_0206a63ff3It’s hard to say, “no.”

To a party invitation.

To a bully.

To another piece of pie.

As an elementary school teacher, we taught a drug resistance program in our classrooms. It had as its slogan, “Just say NO.”

Our everyday world is filled with all kinds of opportunities, some of which are tempting, especially when we are asked to choose between them and “work.”

Even now, with the beautiful spring weather outside, flying a kite or walking the dog sounds like a lot more fun than sitting at my desk, typing on the keyboard…

I get it. I struggle, too.

And, I confess, that sometimes I opt to go to a movie or out for dinner with my husband instead of editing a chapter for my new book.

But, other times, we writers need to look toward the prize—the completion of a magazine article or a book—and let ourselves want that so badly that we






So that we can live our dreams and not be caught, in the future,

simply dreaming.


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