Scammers, Opportunists, or Angels of Mercy?




I get emails every day from companies who promise to help with the publishing, marketing, and promotion of my books. Whether you are self-published or traditionally published, I am sure that you are on their radar, also.

I admit that a few months ago, I fell prey to one of these companies. Once they had my money, I never got updated or any kind of personal acknowledgment to any of my questions.

I still get their daily emails, though, with more offers to perform all kinds of tasks that I can do for myself. The problem is, however, these all take time—precious minutes away from doing what we love—writing!

I have promised myself that I WILL learn to play the marketing game. Doing so is always at the back of my mind, like a flesh-eating bacteria.

Admittedly, just the thought of performing marketing tasks tends to steal my creative joy.

I’ve tried rewarding myself for spending a couple of hours each day on marketing. I gained ten pounds this year with such “rewards.”

I’ve also tried setting aside one day per week to work on book promotion.

Now, I have an aversion to Thursdays.

Ah, what to do.

My suggestion? Create whatever schedule works best for you and stick to it as best you can. Definitely, don’t give up on marketing altogether because it is just as ESSENTIAL as any other aspect of writing.

Yes, we have to take the bad along with the good. So, beware of so-called “easy fixes” and those who would prey upon your lack of time, sleep, or expertise in promoting your book(s).

On the other hand, many are helpful and fulfill a vital role in the never-ending saga of book promotion.

Do what aspects of marketing you understand, enjoy, or have time for.

Learn something new each week.

Lean on advice from trusted author friends.

Next week, I will publish a list of helpful websites related to this topic. Be sure you have ink in your printer.


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