Having been out of the teenage and young adult categories for years, now, I find I don’t buy music like I once did.

Oh, I still enjoy listening to good vocalists and great music, especially Jazz. It’s just that I don’t purchase it.

However, last week I received an email offer for a free CD. It was music I knew I’d like, so I claimed it.

I wasn’t as though I had been “shopping” for it, but it tempted me—because it was FREE.

Now, my point is this:  often times a reader isn’t looking for your book—maybe not even for something to read from your genre—but they can be lured by a free offer (and may even leave a stellar review).

If your books are on Amazon, you have an easy option of doing an out-and-out Giveaway or take advantage of running a Countdown Deal. Book Bub and Goodreads have similar promotions.

On your own website or Facebook page, you can offer free copies of your book or something else free. (I “won” a box of beautiful handmade greeting cards as a giveaway prize from another author a couple of years ago.)

The point is: people like getting something for free AND it may get you noticed which, as all new authors know, is HUGE.

Freebies—just another way to promote yourself, your brand and your message.



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