Choosing a Genre



Should you write in the genre you enjoy or write in a genre that “sells?”

That’s a complicated question, isn’t it?

If your “genre-of-choice” is one which isn’t hugely popular—and if getting sales is your primary objective—then jumping over to a more sought-after genre may be just the ticket to get you discovered.

However, if you have misgivings about writing in a particular genre (Erotica, for instance) or simple no interest in it (say, Westerns), then don’t switch over.

It’s like selling yourself out.

Why? Because we are writing for the joy of the craft…because it makes us happy…it fulfills us the way nothing else can.

What is the writing experience worth to you?

Figure that out and then you’ve answered my original question.

For me, it has nothing to do with chasing the dollar. 

It’s all about the journey.


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