The Tribute

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Although this blog’s content most usually focuses on writing books, there are times when you may elect to write an article for a magazine, a short poem, or an essay.

Some of us have experienced writing a eulogy (a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly. Most often when the person has recently died.)

However, you may want to honor, celebrate, or praise a living individual at an award presentation with a speech or in written form.

This type of writing is called a tribute and has few, if any, “rules” or guidelines. 

One thing it is NOT, however, is a “roast,” which is typically humorous and pokes fun at an individual.

The tribute is a serious piece of work that can vary in length and style.

Being Memorial Day weekend, with Father’s Day soon to be celebrated, I thought I’d try my hand at writing one.

A Tribute to My Father

Dad wasn’t an officer. He was a lowly Navy seaman.

He didn’t earn a purple heart or any special commendations.

He was a young, nineteen year old kid that loved his country. He was proud to serve…proud of his fellow servicemen.

Dad didn’t do anything memorable, but he gave 100% every single day.

He still has a picture of his ship, the USS Stickle, hanging in his home. If asked about it, he enthusiastically relates story after story.

His parents had been proud of him. My mother was proud of him.

So am I. 

This gentle man went on to give 100% to his job at Allied Signal.

He also gave 100% to his family.

He’s slowing down, now. He and Mom live in Assisted Living. 

We all have a lot of great memories because men like my Dad gave their all.


Christ was—and still is—his example.



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