Grab a Bucket of Balls



Should writers strive to be prolific or perseverant?

Hmmm. Prolific, meaning to produce a high volume of work, would definitely make an author feel successful.

But, perseverant? Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. That would be a necessity, wouldn’t it?

Seems to me, it isn’t a matter of prolific vs. perseverant. 

Both are necessary.

If writers persevere, then being prolific must surely follow.

A daily regimen and good old-fashioned dedication will go a long way in helping authors to keep at it. Success doesn’t happen all of a sudden. 

A foundation based on a solid work ethic and perseverance toward a goal is the key.

As I sit at the computer, I look out my window at the 14th hole of a beautiful golf course. A few minutes ago, I saw a guy make a hole-in-one. WOW!!! 

He would probably say that it was a shot that was a long time in the making… that he didn’t just walk out today and start playing for the first time in his life. It probably began years ago with hitting bucket after bucket of balls on the golf range, taking lessons, watching pros play, and days spent out in the heat perfecting his game.

His perseverance should pay off in his shooting hole-in-ones more frequently. Just like writers or those who become excellent at any other profession, it takes commitment and practice.

The only difference? 

Our bucket of balls looks more like a keyboard and a monitor.



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