Writing In Its Many Forms



So, you’ve tried your hand at writing a novel, but it just didn’t work out for a number of reasons. You’d like to write something, but your head is spinning.

Have you ever thought of writing in a different format? 

Here is a list I made. Perhaps you’ll find a new possibility: 

  • Novellas
  • Short stories (Guideposts is always looking for inspirational stories.)
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Blogs
  • Tweets (yes, you can write and sell your original Tweets. They can be humorous, quotes, inspirational, etc.)
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Newsletters
  • Greeting cards
  • Directions for products
  • Directions for games (such as board games)
  • Jokes (yes, there is a big market for you jokesters!)
  • Skits
  • Educational textbooks
  • Wants Ads/ For Sale Ads
  • Screenplays (Movie scripts)
  • Television Scripts
  • Plays/musicals
  • Menus (believe it or not)
  • “How-To” Manuals
  • Television Commercials
  • Sky Mall Magazine Product Ads (The daughter of a friend of mine wrote for this airplane magazine for several years).

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