A Child’s Point of View




I am one chapter into writing my next book. 

I’ve decided to tell it from six-year-old Mary’s point of view.

Before going any further, I thought it prudent to find out if there was anything unique about writing in a child’s POV.

Specifically, I wanted to know about vocabulary. 

I know about using a child’s vocabulary in dialogue. But do I need to use it throughout the story (in non-dialogue sentences) or can use “grown-up” words for description, etc?

I looked LONG and HARD for the answer: 

Claire King, author of The Night Rainbow says:

“When finding the right voice, you’re not obliged stick to the limits of a child’s vocabulary. Rather, get to know her, try to find your way into her thoughts, even if she doesn’t have words to express them, and write that. A child narrator isn’t writing the book, or dictating it; she’s telling it and you’re allowed to be in her head.”

Now, Ms. King just one person. I realize that. And, there may be books on the subject that I am not aware of. But, since that is the way I am comfortable writing my book, I am going to take her advice.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and the advice of a best-selling author.


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