A Little Advice

Did you miss my blog last week?

There wasn’t one because my computer died.

It was sudden. It felt no pain.

But I sure did!

My computer had asked me to update my system. I clicked “OK.”

It froze at about 90% and remained that way for 24 hours. That’s when I called for help from Apple Care. Hours on the phone resulted in an in-person appointment at the Genius Bar and leaving my computer with them for two days.

When I heard back from them, they informed me that all of my data was lost and gave me a couple of options for what I could do–going forward. None sounded good.

No data? No memory? Years of work gone?

I consulted a man I consider to be a computer guru. Turns out, he is a PC guy. However, he did give me a phone number to call. My “best chance” at recovery.

I followed his advice and took my computer to The Apple Exchange. They guys are trained in data recovery. And they didn’t disappoint.

After several more days–and many prayers–the good news of data recovery came.

I was amazed, grateful, and praised God and Charlie (the super-hero technician) who helped make this all happen.

So, here’s the advice I promised. Always have a back-up system THAT IS WORKING. Check it once in awhile to make sure it is really backing up your work.

I had an external drive (Passport, it’s called). However, I had purchased a new computer about two years ago and simply plugged the old Passport into the new computer and went on my busy way, ignorant of the fact that it needed to be reconfigured for the new computer.

The result? I have been working/saving for almost two years without backup. (Yes, there is the CLOUD and TIME MACHINE, but somehow these problems became interrelated when I did system updates…)

My point is this: don’t take anything for granted. Ask questions if you don’t know how to do something. It will save you time and a lot of headaches.

I was fortunate, but some glitches cannot be fixed. Some memories cannot be restored. And so they become just that…

distant memories.


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