What’s the Deal???

In the “Deals in Kindle Books” section of the Kindle Store, you can find many different kinds of  “deals.” 

If you want your book to be a Good Deal or a BIG deal,  check these out:

Kindle Daily Deals-  These run for ONE day and get maximum exposure from Amazon. Usually, authors running these deals see a huge spike in sales/downloads.

Kindle Monthly Deals- These run for a whole month, but get much less exposure from Amazon.

Kindle Exclusive Deals- A grouping together of daily and monthly deals for books enrolled in KDP Select and those made available to Kindle Unlimited readers.

Kindle Countdown Deals- Only KDP Select authors can run these deals. They can be run on any given book every 90 days. Kindle puts a clock on the book’s product page which counts down until the deal is “off.”

**There are several other “Deals” which are limited time promotions . They are invite-only from Amazon’s editorial team. These are the most lucrative for authors—offering the most exposure online, so watch your IN-BOX.


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