We have all probably experienced opening one of our folders (containing notes from conferences, podcasts, or books we’ve read) and said: “Oh, my! I’d forgotten all about this.”

Well, that’s what I did a few minutes ago.

Flipping pages, I came across one marking a proud moment. My first book, Runaways: The Long Journey Home, won a contest called “Clash of the Titles” six years ago.

Why I haven’t thought about this until now, I do not know, but right away I wanted to give you some information on this monthly contest:

In their monthly games, several authors face off with their newest novels to see which is voted most worthy by readers. 

Just out of the gate with my first novel, I had no clue what I was doing. It must have been easy because I was able to enter—and win!

What did I receive? 

  • A big blurb about my book and myself as an author (on their website)
  • My picture and book cover displayed
  • A great “badge” that I used for advertising (see above)

So, today I went to 

I read about the monthly contests and their COTT Blog Alliance.

But then I read these dreaded words:

  • Monthly clashes will not be held for the foreseeable future.


  • No longer accepting members to the COTT Blog Alliance.

So very disappointing!  This was a great website at one time and it makes me wonder what happened. I am still printing this because YOU may know what went on at COTT.

They made a big impact on me early in my writing career, as I am sure they did for many others just getting started.

** If you have any updated information on this group, please write back on this blog. **


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