When A Book is Made Into A Movie

Have grand hopes that your book may someday be made into a movie? That millions of viewers will see your words come to life on the big screen?

It could happen, you know.

And it might be an exciting experience—or it may not.

I watched a movie a few weeks ago that held such promise. However, the author sold his/her rights to the motion picture studio and was not involved in the making of the movie.

I was shocked to see that—although the basic plot was intact—the details of the movie were very different than the book. So much so that it changed a rating from PG-13 to something I was embarrassed to watch.

My heart still aches for the author. So, beware and learn from his/her “mistake.” Get legal representation and have your attorney insert a clause or two delineating that you want to see the script and even be present at the shooting. 

After all, it is your copyrighted work. Refuse to let it be changed into something other than you intended.

Don’t sell out for fame. You just might end up embarrassed to see your name in lights.


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