An Interesting Profile


When I was a youngster, we used the words, “cool, neat, and swell” to describe good things.

Now, the popular words are, “awesome” and “epic.”

Remember the days when the word profile referred to how you looked from the side view?

Now, it means your bio.

Although word usage may change, an interesting bio/profile is even more important in our current world than in the past.

So, just what should one contain?

Begin with your name.   End with your contact information.

Between those two “bookends” include the following based on the purpose for writing your profile (is it for a college or job application? a dating site? your own website? to find contacts?)

A little research on my part has uncovered these necessary items:

Your profession/training/educational background (Simply state this. You don’t want to come off sounding “smart or cocky.”) **This is NOT A RESUME, so don’t fill in too much detail. However, realize that you’re going to be going into more depth in this area, if the bio is for a job application and less if it is for a personal website.

Special accomplishments/recent works/expertise. If you share examples, direct them toward your target audience.

Personal, humanizing details. Are you married? Do you have children? Pets?

Your age and a recent—tasteful—photo.

Include hobbies and interests (but, again, think of your audience. These might not be good to include in a job application, unless specifically asked for…)


Be sure to write in the third person.

Keep it up-to-date, making changes whenever necessary.

It’s a word picture, so write with a smile!



Care for a Goldfish?



“I loved your book. I was up all night reading. I just couldn’t put it down!”

Comments like those are music to this author’s ears.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful that The Choice: Will’s Last Testament is getting such wonderful comments and reviews.

Such a warm reception gives me the energy to forge ahead and begin writing book #3!

It’s curious, isn’t it, what things give a human being the confidence to press on toward accomplishment?

A friend of mine is running a half-marathon in a few weeks. It’s something that she has never done before. It’s the challenge from another friend that pushes her to train each day.

I know someone who is trying to break an internet record for the most podcast interviews done in a certain length of time. It’s a lofty goal involving weeks of podcasts!

When teaching my daughter to drive a stick-shift, I remember finally resorting to popping a Goldfish cracker into her mouth each time she didn’t grind the gears!

So, the goal must be set.

But, there must be something that keeps the person moving toward that goal—a reward of some kind—that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

A record broken,

A pat-on-the-back,

A person’s name in lights,

Winning a contest,

Great five-star reviews.

So, dear writer, don’t bail on your dreams. Maybe, like me, all you really need is a little encouragement because