Celebrate My Dad’s Birthday!

When is a series born?

Is it on the outset? When the author writes the first words of BOOK ONE?

Is it near the end of the first book, when the author realizes just one book won’t tell the entire story?

Perhaps it’s when the author is writing the epilogue for book one and gets the urge to continue the story with one of the other characters from the first book?

Or, is it when the author receives great reviews, stating the readers’ desires to read more about a certain character, setting, or event?

Whenever it happens, I say it’s a good thing. If you’ve enjoyed writing book one and you have your audience engaged for one reason or another, then by all means consider writing a series.

That’s how I came to be writing the Simon Says series. (Which turned out to be four books! Simon Says, Truth or Dare, Tug of War, and Cat’s Cradle).

In honor of my father’s birthday on May 5th, you will find the series FREE in e-book format on Amazon for that one day, only.

Here’s an easy way to get all four books. Use this link, http://www.brendapoulosauthor.com which will take you to my website. Scroll down and click the BUY NOW button. It will take you to my Amazon page, where you can scroll once more to the books and “purchase” your free copies.

As always, a reminder that authors do value your comments. So, when you’ve finished reading, please go back to my Amazon page, scroll down, and leave a review.

Happy Birthday, Dad!