So You Want to Write a Romance Novel

Have you thought about writing a Christian Romance Novel? Here are some interesting ways to make the distinction between them and secular romance novels:

  1. Although both genres write about the pursuit of love relationships, Christian Romance does this while conveying lessons about faith, family, and relationships.
  2. Because they include these “lessons” the writers see their audience as being both Christians and non-Christian readers.
  3. Both Christian and secular Romance involves some degrees of sexual tension. However, whereas the non-Christian Romance is more overt, Christian Romance is not explicit.
  4. In Christian Romance, we find conversion experiences referring to emotional, religious, or sexual changes. Christian Romance often involves more inexperienced heroines, whereas secular Romance often features characters with more sexual experience. 

5).   Women are often the primary caregivers to children in Christian Romance.  

6)    Christian Romance stresses more traditional family values and conventional roles where the husband is the primary breadwinner. 

7)    Most often, Christian Romance gives injunctions against sex outside of marriage.

8)    Secular Romance is seen as increasing in sensuality, explicit sex acts, and sexually-laden language. 

9)    Christian readers and authors most usually agree that the purpose of Christian Romance books is to represent a ministry about and to women.

10)  Thus, these books are often read by Christian women to strengthen their faith. Religious beliefs are inherent in the plots.

11)  Many women readers—even if not professing Christianity—prefer good, clean, wholesome language, characters and plots.