Genre Journey Continues



Fables: In many of these stories, animals speak certain truths to readers in more or less supernatural ways. (Aesops Fables are perhaps the most well known.)

Fairy Tales: Any story about a magical land or creatures. (Think Snow White, Cinderella…)

Folklore: Myths and/or legends passed down through the generations. Example: Johnny Appleseed.

Mythology: Narratives that have become part of our societies over time. These stories may be based on human events, natural phenomenon, or religion. (Well known myths are: Norse, Greek, Aztec, Inca, Maya.)

Tall Tales: Stories that exaggerate their characters’ abilities to perform impossible tasks. (Remember Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill?)

Nowadays, many of these genres are found in collections.

Next week, we will finish off our Genre Journey by taking a brief look at Westerns, Short Stories, Realism, Humor, and Historical.