Go for the ‘Bigger Story’

We are in the process of moving, so I am not spending much time writing or looking for information online that I would like to pass along to you. 

But, that’s the way life is, isn’t it?

We have our private lives, and then we have our writing lives. And they are often at odds with one another—vying for one’s available time.

We make our choices and have to live with them. Our move to Nevada is for personal reasons, but it will affect my writing life, too.

I have always been the member of a critique group. Their input is invaluable. Because, as author Colleen Coble has said, “…brainstorming with partners takes us to a bigger story… on a deeper level.” 

My group meets one Friday per month as we each are given the opportunity to submit several pages of our current writing. 

However, the state we are moving to does not have any writing/critique groups listed online, so if I cannot find another group to work with in NEVADA, I have enlisted continued support from my Arizona group. We are going to try mailing critiques back and forth, first. But, if that proves too worrisome, we may try using FaceTime. 

My point in telling you this?  1) In case you are a writer in Nevada that knows of an existing critique group with an opening for a “new” member, please write in and let me know.  2) If sometime in 2023 I start a new writing group in Nevada—and YOU live in Nevada and would be interested in participating—please leave me a message on my website and I will put you on my list.

My website address  is brendapoulosauthor.com


Make it a Team Effort

When I was first learning about the craft of writing, I spent time reading and going to conferences. But once I actually started writing, I learned that being an author can be a lonely venture. I was in my home office most of the day by myself. 

Not a good thing.

That’s when I learned about Beta Readers and Critique groups. And over the years they have become a critical piece in my writing. I look to them for sharing of  ideas and viewpoints, giving encouragement and support, but also for getting me out of the house and interacting with others.

People are social animals. We grow and feel a part of our environment/community when we collaborate, brainstorm, and interact.

Have you written yourself into a lonely rut?

Take a break. Take a walk. Visit with a friend. Join a writing group. Form a group of Beta Readers. Go shopping. Meet a friend for lunch. Listen to holiday music. 

You’ll be happier and more productive—because writing should be a Team Effort.


If you watch your gas gauge, then you will not run out of gas.

If you clean your plate, then you can have dessert.

If you listen in class, then you will learn.

It’s really simple, isn’t it?


Writers can use the “if…then” principle, too.

If writers will learn the fundamentals of the craft, then the quality of their writing will improve.

If writers will dedicate time to reading, then they will learn much from published authors.

If writers will join a writing/critique group, then they will find encouragement from fellow writers.

If writers will schedule a block of time for writing every day, then they will become a more disciplined writer.

If writers will make a Thesaurus their best friend, then their writing will become more interesting.

If writers will attend a writing conference, then they will find increased opportunities to network.

If writers will pursue writing with their whole hearts, then one day they will find they have a tangible product:

an article

a journal

a book.


If not now, then when?