The Four D’s

Have you been writing and writing and writing only to end up with a novella rather than a full-length novel?

Have you found yourself stuck in the middle of your book wondering if you should backtrack or forge ahead?

You can call it lengthening, padding, embellishing… whatever you’d like, but here are four suggestions for making your story the most it can be.

The Four D’s:

First of all, start back at the beginning and add description/details to enhance the plot or characters or setting.

Secondly, develop the story. Expand it. Add more scenes. Perhaps add more characters or develop each scene so characters come alive.

Thirdly, add more dialog. Remember, don’t tell the story. Submerge us in it. Let us be part of the story experience.

Finally, dig deep. That’s right. Deepen the story. You may have only scratched the surface. Re-read one of your favorite novels. You may find that the reason you like it so much is because it has real depth.

As our two year old grandson says at the end of a meal, “All Done.”