A Blog’s Purpose



I recently saw a movie entitled, “A DOG”S PURPOSE.” Heading home, I contemplated on my own purpose, making a couple of meaningful observations along the way.

Moving ahead to today, I asked myself yet another thought-provoking question: What is the purpose of blogs, in general, as well as the purpose of this blog, in particular?

I started this blog five plus years ago when I started writing. Its purpose was to gain a following—a reader base.

Secondly, I wanted to use it to encourage other new writers.

Then, as I learned more about writing, I began to share more concrete information, such as what I learned from conferences, guest speakers, classes, books, research , etc.

Even though I moved past my original purpose, encouraging others is still at the forefront of my mind and heart.

So, how can I encourage you today?

Here’s what I said a half decade ago—and I say it as much to myself as I do to you—with all certainty, perseverance is all-important. 

I know it has been key for me.

So, keep on truckin’…keep on keeping on…keep up the good work…hang in there…continue to learn…and, as my friend used to say, 

“Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. If you want it, go after it. Books don’t write themselves, you know.”



Reflect, Then Rise Above!



So, here we are.

Another year draws to a close. Time to reflect.

Have we done all we set out to do this year?

We can use this time to beat ourselves up about not accomplishing as much as we’d wanted to, I suppose.  But, what good is that going to do?

Not one of us knows what the next day will bring.

So, let’s encourage one another to

go further,

climb higher,

rise above.

Happy New Year!!!

You Can Do It!

Maya Angelou is quoted as saying, “We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim oceans—because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings.”

If you feel that way. You were meant to write. You were meant to create.

So, I encourage you to do it. Take us to other worlds…other realms of possibility.

Let us experience life through YOUR eyes.

Make us laugh. Make us cry.

Encourage us. Challenge us.

Entertain us. Inspire us.

Take us on a journey to a place we’ve never been before.

Introduce us to people we’ve never met.

Propose an answer. Solve a problem.

Bring us to a place of deeper insights.

Make it possible for us to experience what it’s like to live in other countries, eras, worlds.

Tell us secrets. Show us life from different perspectives.

Change our minds…our perceptions…our points of view.

Inform us. Teach us. Explain yourself to us.

Do it.

Because YOU CAN.