A Rebuttal



Last month I wrote on the subject of getting in the habit of writing every day. 

That was then. This is now.

Consider today’s post as a rebuttal to my own words.

That’s right. Even though writing every day is a great habit, “life” usually intrudes and I just cannot seem to get a minute to myself.

With doctors’ appointments, food to prepare, houses to clean, grandchildren to babysit and so on, it’s hard for writers to find enough productive time.

Even if I am able to chisel out an hour of writing time per day, it takes me a good forty-five minutes to review the timeline and then I find myself with only fifteen minutes of productiveness.

That’s hardly long enough to get back in my character’s head and tap into the emotions that prevailed on my previous writing day.

Major frustration.

Now I know why so many old movies about writers showed them leaving family and responsibilities behind and checking into a hotel or an isolated cabin.

So, if your life is filled with “stuff” and you are not able to find enough time to write every day, I suggest finding a way to carve out at least a long weekend several times a year, when you can leave the things of this life behind and simply