I Missed Out!

We recently moved to a new state—one without a local ACFW chapter. I want to do something about that, but that’s a topic for another day.

Yesterday, in Phoenix, Christian Writers of the West held their spring conference, with guest speaker Author and Editor, Kathy Ide.

This year, I missed out—and you did, too, if you weren’t there.

There are many writing conferences around the country each year, so you are able to do a little research and find just the one for you—the one that contains the subject matter you are most interested in, the one that is most affordable, the one that is easiest for you to travel to.

Why do I feel like we missed out? Because there is lots of good teaching, opportunities to network and visit with friends at conferences.

All is not lost, however. CWOW’s conference wasn’t the only one. Searching for writing conferences online will bring up a generous list of opportunities for you. (And, if not able to attend in person, you can join many of them online.)

Don’t Miss Out!


Tomorrow’s Achievements


Like all new years, it is welcomed as an opportunity for new beginnings.

“New year’s babies” are born.

New year’s resolutions are made.

We turn our backs on the previous year and look forward to future possibilities.

It is a time when writers (and aspiring writers) set goals. We shake off the failures and disappointments of the past and vow to do better. 

Write more.

Improve our skills. 

Work harder.

In our personal lives, especially in times of emotional trouble, “taking it day-by-day” is often good advice.

But what about writers?

It’s often hard for those of us who are planners, list makers and goal setters to take it one day at a time.

We plan. Look at the year ahead. The big picture.

Writers break goals down book by book, chapter by chapter, scene by scene, page by page.

Often, even word by word.

Breaking our writing into increments that are too small won’t get that book written; taking on too much will often lead to frustration and disappointment.

In the end, we must attempt what is challenging, yet doable. 

Meeting our goals for 2022 will lead to bigger and better ones in the years ahead.

The “New Beginnings” today will be tomorrow’s achievements.