Revise, Reprint, or Second Edition?

I am currently building a new website. Compared to my current ones, it will be organized differently, have updated pictures, and contain more up to date information.

As I worked on it this week, I asked myself if my first book might do with a little revamping, I sought the internet to give me the definitions of reprint, revise, and second edition. 

Here is what I found:

A reprint is a subsequent printing of a book already published that preserves the identical text of the previous printing. 

Concluding that was not what I intended, I read on about revision.

This is an edition of a book which incorporates major revisions by the author or an editor designed to bring it up to date. These are appropriate for non-fiction which can get out-dated and even obsolete.

Since I write fiction, I continued my search by looking for information about second editions.

If readers who already own the first edition would benefit in some way from owning a second edition. For example, textbooks (in which the information may change rapidly) should definitely be updated periodically.

However, in the case of fiction, where a reader is unlikely to reread a book just because the author has fixed a few typos, the answer is no.

So, based on my internet search, fiction books would rarely benefit from a revision, reprint, or being republished as a second edition.