Making Connections



Have you ever met someone for the very first time and felt a special connection?

Some call it “love at first sight.”

For others, it may be the fact that the person you just met is from your home town, has a similar hobby, shares a mutual friend, and so on.

It’s all about connections.

Connections often lead to sales, budding romances, lifelong friendships.

Case in point: Will and Brigit in my soon-to-be-released The Choice: Will’s Last Testament, attended the same high school, met in their Senior year of college, share a mutual friend, and the same religious beliefs.  And, so a romance begins…

That’s how it is with writing.

Authors must connect with their audience.

They often write about real places, events, and problems. Those are connections.

Their characters may wear similar clothing styles, follow the same trends in hairstyles or makeup, drive their dream car.

Similar life problems, difficulties with friends or family members, disappointments over lost loves—or jobs—make for interesting connections, also.

The list is endless, really.

Think about books you have enjoyed reading. The author found some way of making it possible for you, as a reader, to connect with the characters.

The love of writing has brought us together. The interesting way words can be put together to bring about laughter, suspense, or information forms a basis for our shared interests.

Take a look at your latest writing. Are there elements which will cause others to smile or perhaps cry because you have included something they can relate to, personally?


Because it’s all about connections.


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