Are You Addicted?

When we think of addictions, we often think of drugs, alcohol, pornography, and gambling.

Addictions like those are a bad thing.

I’ve been addicted to chocolate, french fries, soft dough pretzels, and peanut butter.

Lately, I cannot resist vanilla shakes, avocado-bacon burgers, and Amish Romances.

Others might be addicted to shopping, golf, cell phones, and to taking “selfies.”

Those addictions can be a bad thing, too.

Anything we desire to do over and over, again, on a daily—or even minute-by-minute–basis can be addictions.

And, not all addictions are bad (at least in my opinion).

So, let me ask you…5449316690_afb701325f

Are YOU an addict?

Is your writing so fulfilling that your day is just not complete unless you write for at least a few hours?

Are your characters so real that you simply cannot wait to get back to them each day?

Do you find the alternate worlds you’ve created to be intriguing…fascinating?

A writing addiction can be a GOOD thing.

Just like swimmers and gymnasts practice for hours and hours a day—because they are addicted to their sports—writers need to do the same. And, on the days you cannot make that happen, you should expect to feel irritated, frustrated, and disappointed.


Because on those days you haven’t met your inner need…that almost intangible longing you have for self-expression that, for you, cannot be met in any other way.

My grand daughters dance. They are addicted to it.  They live and breathe it. It completes them.

Just as painting is to artists.

Just as music is to musicians.

Writing is addictive to authors.

And that can be a VERY GOOD THING!


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