The Power of the Preorder


11542112_10155804265685174_6967391244578362338_nApple is an expert in the use of the preorder. So is Clinique. I know this because whenever they have a promotion, I get an email asking me to preorder so I can receive a gift-with-purchase.

We all love a good deal, whether it is on an I-Phone, make-up, or a good book.

We want to get it, use it, have it—FIRST.

And we like a good deal—a freebie, reduced cost, or a new release at an introductory price.

That’s why I’m gearing up to do a preorder of my newest book, Simon Says. While Beta Readers are wading through the pages, I will be working on the back cover copy.

Roughly three months will be devoted to the preorder while revisions, editing, and a cover contest take center stage.

After that, it’s show time and planning for another book.

Would you like to preorder?  Be watching for a special offer, coming soon.


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