Hit the USA Today’s Bestseller’s List



Learn how, along with me:

I’d like to share what I have read so far. (Book Bub has lengthy articles on this. I have condensed it for this blog, but feel free to go on their site for the “expanded” version).

They suggest a concept called PROMO STACKING, which is “running multiple marketing campaigns within a short timeframe to maximize the volume of sales within a bestseller list’s reporting period.”

Here’s my outline from reading on BOOK BUB:

  1. Promo stack during the preorder period.

            a) One month before a book release run a Book Bub Preorder alert. (More about this is to come.)

-or-b) Discount the book during the preorder period, promote on author’s blog, do giveaways, do a Book Bub Ad campaign. (Yes, we’ll learn about these, too).

2) Discount a previous book, along with making the new release only .99 or 1.99. Run a Book Bub Ad campaign.

Put ads on Books Butterfly, Kindle Nation Daily, and Bargain Booksy. Blog. Do an Organic Twitter campaign. (Again, I will be learning about these and passing the information along to you in the coming weeks).

3) Bundle previous books into a Boxed set at a discounted price. Write new back matter for the boxed set. Run Amazon Marketing ads and Facebook Ads.

It’s okay if you aren’t familiar with one or more of these.

Each week, read my blog. I will be researching them, individually, for you…

and learning right along with you!


The Power of the Preorder


11542112_10155804265685174_6967391244578362338_nApple is an expert in the use of the preorder. So is Clinique. I know this because whenever they have a promotion, I get an email asking me to preorder so I can receive a gift-with-purchase.

We all love a good deal, whether it is on an I-Phone, make-up, or a good book.

We want to get it, use it, have it—FIRST.

And we like a good deal—a freebie, reduced cost, or a new release at an introductory price.

That’s why I’m gearing up to do a preorder of my newest book, Simon Says. While Beta Readers are wading through the pages, I will be working on the back cover copy.

Roughly three months will be devoted to the preorder while revisions, editing, and a cover contest take center stage.

After that, it’s show time and planning for another book.

Would you like to preorder?  Be watching for a special offer, coming soon.