Does This Back Cover Copy Tempt You?



Back cover copy is important. People read it hoping it will give them clues  as to what the story is about, how the book ends and if it reading it will be worth their time spent.

From an author’s perspective, it is an opportunity to tempt the reader into reading their book by hooking them into the story and hinting at the outcome.

Here is the back cover copy for my latest book. Does it accomplish its purpose? Only time will tell…

Truth or Dare is a childhood game—or is it?

Simon Wilson is a bully. A Thief. An Accomplished liar.

But the biggest lie of all is not one he has told. It’s one he believes.

It’s the one that says he will never be good enough. He will never measure up. Never be worthy.

He is at a crossroads.

Will Simon continue to be deceived by the lie?

Or will he choose to believe the Truth?


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