Read Your Reviews



Do you ever feel like quitting?

Quitting writing, that is.

Do you ever say to yourself, “Who am I kidding? My readers wouldn’t miss me.”

Do you ever play the mind game in which you list all the things you could be doing, if you didn’t write?

Sports, movies, television, exercise, shopping, art, camping, travel, crafts, learning a second language, volunteering …

Last week, I had a few moments where I thought about the “what-ifs” in my own life.

That’s when I read my book reviews on Amazon. An hour later, in tears, I thanked God for my readers. What beautiful and encouraging things they had shared about how my books had touched their hearts … changed their lives.

I was overwhelmed as I read their comments, recalling that the very reason I write was summed up in their remarks.

I felt humbled, energized, and encouraged.

I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to do what I love to do and have such a profound effect on lives.

How could I possibly quit when I have so much more to say? So many more readers to challenge, comfort, offer hope … 

So, when the days of doubt come, give yourself a shot in the arm. 

Jump on Amazon and read your book reviews.



“Don’t Beat Your Head Against a Wall”



It’s an old expression.  Choosing time and time again to learn, or perfect, a skill, but seeing little or no improvement no matter how much you try.

You just don’t have the knack for it—like me and making blintzes…

Tip #1 for 2018: Hire someone to do the “dirty work” for you.

I’m not giving up on marketing. But, I know my limitations and am now conceding the battle—waving the white flag.

I’m hiring an expert to assist me in accomplishing those things I just cannot do for myself…am not gifted at…would prefer not to struggle to learn anymore.

I’m throwing in the towel.

I am deciding to work smarter…not harder.

You may need to make a similar decision for yourself this year.

The internet is filled with people willing to help—for a price.

That calls for a marketing budget.

And, that calls for another blog post—

next week.